Jaguar: Grace, Pace & Space

Beautiful, fast and spacious, Jaguar always wanted to offer its clientele only the best. What’s more, it does not make its clients pay excessive prices for it. Grace, Pace & Value for Money, that, too, is Jaguar. Builder of the most desirable cars in the world.

First and fastest

William Lyons started building sidecars for motorcycles in 1922 but quickly moved on to producing cars. These were immediately the best in their class and are now, without exception, sought-after classics. Shortly after WWII, Jaguar built a sports car that went faster than 200km/h (120 mph). This XK120 was to be the basis on which the immortal XK series was built.

The most sensual

At the Le Mans 24 hours race the C-type and D-type proved invincible. Jaguar became the darling of the public, the embodiment of British pride. The E-type in 1961 was the most sensual design in the history of the automobile. The XJ rapidly established itself as the most beautiful limousine, even when it was not followed by a brand new replacement until more than 40 years later, in 2010.