Noble House: well-versed in British classics

Our years of experience with British classics mean we know these cars like the back of our hand. At our facility we have had the pleasure of welcoming a large variety of marques, including Austin-Healey, MG, Austin, Morris, Wolseley, Riley and even exotics such as Jensen and Gordon-Keeble.

All disciplines

We are happy to welcome you and your classic British car to our facility. For complete servicing, an MOT (called an APK in Dutch), partial restoration, spare parts acquisition or, for example, a pre-sale inspection with a clear recommendation. Above all, we have extensive experience restoring British classics, which means you can safely leave yours in our expert and reliable hands. If you are in fact looking to purchase a British classic, you can place a search request with us. We will then do our utmost to find you your dream car. Please visit us sometime to become acquainted with our facilities.