Aston Martin: a name of high repute

In 1913, Lionel Martin participated in the Aston Clinton Hill climb in a car he prepared himself. He won and so a new name was born for the car marque that he created with his business partner Robert Bamford: Aston-Martin.

The famous DBs

With thoroughbred racing engines in sports car coachwork, the Aston Martins (losing the hyphen in 1923) established their reputation at the famous races in Great Britain and beyond. The name Aston Martin is permanently linked to prestige sports cars.

David Brown took over Aston Martin and Lagonda in the late 1940s, after which the famous DB models were produced, from DB1 to DBS. Directed by, among others, Ford, Aston Martin later brought successful dream cars onto the market such as the Virage, the DB7 and the Vanquish.

The marque for connoisseurs

The key characteristic of Aston Martin is that it produces exclusive cars that are sought after by classic car enthusiasts all over the world. Aston Martin is the quintessential marque for connoisseurs. Then and now.